The Rural Consulting Group are specialists in enabling innovation and change in rural communities and associated industries. We articulate and differentiate our service offering as follows:

Service Details Example Client / Key Contact
Strategy development

RCG have expert skills in stakeholder engagement and process facilitation, both of which are critical in strategy development. Our experience in strategy development covers the entire supply chain from farm through to industry scale.

Sugar Research Australia – Adoption Strategy Development
Neil Fisher – CEO
Project Summary
Program Design, Evaluation And Review

With more than 30 years combined experience, RCG brings a breadth of knowledge to extension program design, evaluation and review.  Our evaluation based design principles ensure targeted, measurable and efficient program delivery.   Our broader team of associates ensures all key elements of the social, environmental and economic impacts of programs are accounted for in the design process.

University of Melbourne – R&D For Profit Training Program Review
Assoc Prof Ruth Nettle
Project Summary
Project Design And Delivery

Project design and delivery RCG is unique in its ability to cover the extension spectrum from the design and delivery of farmer facing activities, through to the development of industry extension strategies. One of our strengths is ongoing farm level connections and engagement which ensures relevance of all our work.

Warrnambool Cheese and Butter – Dairy Business Discussion Groups
Rowan Ault – Manager Field Services
Project Summary
Training And Capability Building

The success of all extension programs is dependent upon a well skilled and capable delivery team. Often such teams are drawn from multiple organisations and require innovative solutions to capability development. RCG has experience in developing and delivering training for extension teams, designing capability development programs for the private sector and advising Research and Development Corporations on needs and requirements for human capability building.

Dairy Australia – FPFP Capability Development Program
Cath Lescun – Program Manager
Project Summary